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$10,500.00 in an hour

$3,000.00 in 8 Minutes trading My go to stock NVDA.

Shorted NVDA 2 minutes into the open. This trade made $3000.00 plus in 8 minutes.  Very simple when you know what a chart is saying with the market awareness I have gained in 6 years of trading. Hit it several times and totaled around US $10,500.00.

What's Possible?


This being the largest day of my trading career, I haven't been able to beat it yet.  Amazingly, I settle between US $10,000 to $27,000 daily.  I do this with $1 million buying power, so not a small account.  With $50,000 BP, I max at about $1,200.00 on a full day of trading with a lot of sitting and waiting.

A detailed plan is key

None of what I do is without a written plan of executions

How to start day trading stocks: Know what the play looks like and have a written plan of how to execute it for all situations that can occur.  Know when to enter a day trade, know where your stop area is, and know where to take some or all of your profits. Stay alive to trade the next day trade. This is a numbers game. You will have a much better chance of success with my day trading tips and coaching.

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On this site you'll find advice on Trading, Day Trading, Daytrading, Swing Trading patterns and art.

I guarantee you'll enjoy it, because so many have said amazing things already.

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I play wicks  of a 2 minute candlestick and 3 bar distances.  these same plays are in any chart in any market. FX, equities, futures and options These patterns work because of fear and greed in human behavior. 

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Day trading is my favorite passion!

Trading is very difficult to figure out on your own

I enjoy giving back to new traders who barely know what a platform is to veterans looking for answers as to why they struggle with consistency.  Feel comfortable reaching out with your questions. 

Getting a foundation of awareness early is important so you don't have to unlearn something that is inaccurate.  Trading is full of obstacles, mainly because traders don't have any real sense of an opportunity when it presents itself

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Once you get your first session of chart feedback from me

Your Trading will take a turn like nothing you have ever seen. I've been doing this for only eight years and a lot of my friends who have been trading for 10 to 15 years still struggle to get even 30 cents out of a win. Most times they are sitting there wondering how it happened to them again and what can they do to fix this problem of being in the red more often than they ever thought possible.  Trading itself is hard enough. Why not find someone who knows their stuff and can coach you to happier days of trading into profitability? If you continue doing the same thing day in and day out for another year, what do you think your results will be? More of the same? Or, will you finally be profitable? Most likely the former. I can and will show you exactly what you need to identify as a trade opportunity, and how to best execute it for maximum gains. 

You will have me right there drawing on your charts, pointing out exactly where you missed the visual, without any guess work, whatsoever. 

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