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For Beginner Traders 2 Minute Chart and Why

For Beginner Traders 2 min Chart and Why (Spanish)

Trading Plan On AAPL BULL GAP

How to trade a Climo $4.00 drop

Sim trading to demonstrate Market play $22,000 Plus

Nice gains with a little afternoon sniper hunting.

40k in 40 minutes of trading. BIG Buying Power tho

Shorted Shop for $9000 in 25mins

NVDA play off the open 7,000 in 15mins

Had NVDA Long just perfect 9,700 On the day

Worked with these traders for a few months

BABA Short and done in 20mins

Opening Up Gap HeadFake Drop to reversal Long play

$12,000 plus in 8 minutes at the open

Afternoon Trading NVDA for $22k on the day

NVDA GAP Fill Long Play